Past Projects

Why choose us?

Our broad and in-depth experience across various markets has helped us to develop purpose-built solutions for specific client needs. This means our clients are able to achieve maximum results in a cost-effective way, whether it is to seek corporate solutions, management advice or for business restructuring purposes.

We offer a personalised approach that is customised to fit the individual needs of each client. Depending on their objectives and stage in the sustainability journey, we offer a mixture of strategic advice, guidance on corporate structures, tailored solutions to assist in the growth of our client's businesses. We see ourselves beyond service providers. We are partners for success.

Cross-border Investment
Facilitated and coordinated a cross-border joint venture between a Hong Kong Company and a Japanese listed company to pool capital injections for a multi-million dollar power plant project in Indonesia.

Medical Supplies Company
Provided corporate restructuring services for a medical services company on the brink of bankruptcy and deployed management team to streamline and improve sales. Work involved financial and operations due diligence, sourcing of capital injections and negotiations with multiple banks as well as establishing new market channels.

Japanese Restaurant
Provided debt restructuring and for a famous Japanese restaurant in Singapore. Work involved the sale of a majority stake in the company, negotiations with multiple parties to reconsolidate monthly repayments and working capital management to focus on maintaining and growing the revenue of the business.

Chinese Public Transport Operators
Provided financial and operational due diligence work for a Chinese company’s first foray into a public tender for Singapore's public transport system. Work included financial projections, capital allocation and sourcing of expert opinion on the feasibility of the project, that resulted in the approval as a candidate for Singapore's first public transport tender.