Overview of Wilberforce Global Management

Wilberforce Management Pte. Ltd

Wilberforce Management is a business management and corporate advisory firm established by group of experienced, well-connected and highly qualified professionals.  Our key strength lies in the combined wealth of knowledge and business acumen gained from our respective experience in global multinational companies headquartered in South East Asia.

We build our synergy by pulling together our individual knowledge in the areas of cross-border investments, financial management, accounting, taxation, corporate restructuring, business processes and operations providing clients pragmatic and cost effective solutions. 

We work closely and collaborate with strategic partners from various disciplines including legal, corporate services, trust services, taxation and accounting organizations.

With these key strengths, we are able to channel our knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, our people and the business community as a whole.

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Wilberforce Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.

Wilberforce Consultancy was established in 2012 to facilitate the Wilberforce group's expansion into new territories in Malaysia. Building on strengths of the regional network of the Wilberforce Group, Wilberforce Consultancy is an integral component for the solidifying the company's cross-border presence.

It is strategically positioned to combine and redefine perspectives from our international subsidiaries to provide a holistic array of tailored corporate advisory and management services, benefiting our international clientele with greater precision and accuracy. 

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Wilberforce Argo

Established in 2012, Wilberforce Argo is a law firm specializing in the niche area of broad-based high-value regional cross-border business and commercial consultancy practice, whilst offering professional and excellent corporate legal services. Our corporate clientele includes private companies, state-owned corporations, multinational oil companies, foreign investment companies, energy conglomerates and public listed companies in area of the manufacturing and trading, petroleum and chemicals, energy, natural resources, mining industries and property development.

Our core philosophy is an absolute commitment to providing commercially astute and client-centric legal solutions which embrace innovation without sacrificing practicality. We bring one-stop solutions to suit the clients’ needs by providing comprehensive legal and related business services.

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