Company Profile

Wilberforce Global Management (WGM) is an international company that offers a diverse range of corporate and legal services worldwide. Together, WGM and its subsidiaries operate from 5 offices in Asia, delivering results intimately tailored to its clients' region-specific needs. The principal operations include corporate and legal advisory, management services, project financing and corporate restructuring.

We are committed to providing effective, tailored solutions to our clients. We understand the complex nature of the international business environment and will go the extra mile to deliver results that exceeds our client’s needs. Our priority is to establish a common goal with our clients and we do our utmost to nurture long-term relationships.

Our core philosophy is an absolute commitment to providing commercially astute and client-centric solutions which embrace innovation without sacrificing practicality. We bring one-stop solutions to suit the clients’ needs providing comprehensive legal and related business services.

At Wilberforce Global, we prize our people as our strength. Our management team is refreshingly diverse in respect of nationality, cultural background, experience, training background and areas of expertise, with qualified professionals from all around the region working alongside Singapore lawyers and foreign legal counsel.

Whilst celebrating our diversity, our individual strengths are complemented and fortified into a tight-knit, coordinated, driven professional team with the single aim of delivering high quality corporate services to all our clients. It is this unique synergy of our collective professional experience and diverse legal perspectives that lend added dimensions and nuances to our company.